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phone +998 (71) 264-84-94

address Tashkent region, Kibray district, Geophysics village

Subject and purposes of the company

The main task of company in meeting needs state and other customers in geophysical work on the territory Republic. Field studies using advanced seismic methods CDPS 2D and 3D, VSP, electrical exploration MTZ, ZSD-ZI, VES-VP and ChZ-VP, high-precision gravity-magnetic prospecting of various scales. On field working technologies modern technologies of non-detonation of excitation by powerful seismic vibrators and registration by multichannel telemetry systems.
Production and geophysical work is performed at all stages of well construction during exploration and operation of fields and includes:
• wireline and open hole logging,
• opening and separation of layers,
• carrying out emergency response works,
• geological and technical studies of wells,
• logging control while drilling.
When surveying in wells, computerized logging stations with a set of digital downhole tools are used, which provide an extended set of geophysical surveys in wells.
On the basis of the Joint Stock Company in the Geofizik settlement of the Kibray district of the Tashkent region, specialized parties of direct subordination of the Association are located, providing services for the expedition:
• A production geological-methodical processing batch with a geophysical computer center, equipped with high-speed hardware and software systems Integral-Plus, Geovector-Plus and Geoclaster, providing deep processing and machine interpretation of field geophysics data with high reliability, confirmed by verification.
• Reserves calculation party that performs laboratory study of the petrophysical properties of the core, operational and quantitative interpretation of materials using the GeoOffictSolver APK and calculation of hydrocarbon reserves.
A batch of digital equipment with an educational and methodological center that monitors the technical condition of geophysical equipment in all expeditions and various types of its repair. The party has the only Metrological Center in Central Asia that conducts metrological verification and calibration of equipment:
• for seismic prospecting CDPS-2D and 3D;
• downhole tools and surface equipment:
• for vertical seismic profiling;
• for electrical, acoustic, radioactive and other logging methods.
Educational and methodological center operating on the basis of the Institute of Higher Engineering
pedagogy of Tashkent State Technical University named after Beruniy,
carries out advanced training and retraining of geophysical specialists in relevant areas of technical progress:
• new technologies of field and field geophysics (3D seismic exploration, multichannel digital telemetry recording systems);
• computer logging stations and operational log processing systems;
• advanced systems for machine processing and interpretation of geophysical data;
• management and production.



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