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Company's history

In the study of the geological structure especially during exploration and search geophysical methods of exploration are of great importance for oil and gas fields.
First geophysical exploration for oil and gas started in Uzbekistan in the mid-forties by the Office of Field and Field Geophysics of the ungrounded loop method on the territory of oil provinces - Surkhandarya andFergana intermontane depressions.
The increase in the volume of geological exploration has led to the need formation of specialized August 1957 of the "Uzbek Geophysical Trust ", now the " O'ZBEKGEOFIZIKA " Joint Stock Company.This contributed to the implementation of systematic and targeted geophysical research on the territory of the republic, involvement in exploration Ustyurt region and Bukhara-Khiva oil and gas region, where there were large reef hydrocarbon deposits were discovered. Before 1995 the geophysical service was part of the State Committee for Geology, and since 1996 in National Holding Company "Uzbekneftegaz". By the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from November, 18, 2019. PD-4522 "On measures to improve the system of organizing and conducting geological exploration for oil and gas" "Uzbekgeofizika" JSC was transferred to the stability of the State Committee for Geology.
The Company has 5 branches (expeditions), geographically main in the main oil and gas promising regions of Uzbekistan:
- "Bukhara Geophysical Expedition",
- "Fergana Geophysical Expedition",
- "Ustyurt Geophysical Expedition"
- "Yakkabag geophysical expedition",
- "Amirabad field geophysical expedition".
The company and its local branches successfully solve the problems of complex study of the deep geological structure of oil and gas regions Republic, search, opportunities and preparation for deep drilling oil and gas perspective structures, carrying out activities field geophysical research in wells. The purpose of the activity is to make a profit when performance of geophysical surveys for oil and gas.



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