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  • «Uzbekgefizika» JSC

    «Uzbekgefizika» JSC

    Проектные разработки, консультанты, инжиниринг в геологии, геотехнике, геохимии и нефтедобыче
  • «Uzbekgefizika» JSC

    «Uzbekgefizika» JSC

    Исследования, научные изыскания и разведка грунтов, грунтовых, подпочвенных вод
  • «Uzbekgefizika» JSC

    «Uzbekgefizika» JSC

    Услуги сейсмической съемки и разведки, компьютерной обработки сейсмических данных
  • «Uzbekgefizika» JSC

    «Uzbekgefizika» JSC

    Исследования, испытания, пробы, экспертиза материалов и изделий

Welcome to the official website of JSC "UZBEKGEOFIZIKA"

The Joint Stock Company "Uzbekgeofizika" carries out the investigations of earth interiors with different geophysical methods based on exploration of natural physical Earth’s fields. As for example, magnetic and gravity measurements use observations for the condition of magnetic and gravitational fields of the Earth, electric exploration measures the natural and secondary electric fields. The main method as a whole of the geophysical explorations is the seismic measurement based on seismic data recording (vibrations), result from their artificial production by means of exploding or specialized mobile devices as for example, seismic vibrators. According to the records of seismic waves, reflected from the depth folds, the mapping is carried out for different geological surfaces in the earth interiors to depths 8-10 km, the irregularities in their construction are appeared, the different traps are identified, are favourable to oil and gas accumulation.

To carry out such investigations (the simple analogue seismic measurements can be serve the ultrasonography in medicine and the echosounding in maritime and aviation navigation) is used the special seismic exploration complex. Its components are the following: the waves recording system (floor equipment, cables, detector of seismic waves, seismic digital station for information recording), seismic vibration generation system (seismic vibrators with pushing force of 27-40 tons, mobile drilling rigs explosives) GPS-based satellite navigation, system transport complex, life support complex, (mobile field camp autonomous power generators, satellite communication equipment, repair laboratories and others) as work is carried out mainly in the desert and remote areas. Work equipment is mandatory field Computing Centre, which includes quality control of the received data, express processing of materials, planning further works.

The final management and interpretation of received data capabilities on the main fixed computer center in Tashkent. The results of works serve as the basis for production of drilling to search of oil and gas fields.

The other important focal area of JSC "Uzbekgeofizika" is carrying out the investigations in the deep holes by means of the geophysical methods with the purpose of exploration of the exposed real section. Herewith the data is obtained about lithological composition of reservoirs and are evolved oil and gas intervals. The complex of the equipment herewith includes logging unit, cables, special logging tools as well as the data management and interpretation capabilities.



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Friday, 01 July 2022
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Tuesday, 21 June 2022
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